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We are a team of posture specialists with training from the Egoscue University®. We exist to give you answers that you haven’t found with other types of treatments or therapies. Have you ever spent time in a medical setting feeling as though you weren’t heard, or weren’t given answers to basic questions about your body and why it hurts? We don’t believe that the source of pain should be a mystery, and we are committed to helping you find the answer and the solution.

As therapists, we have all personally experienced the effectiveness of this holistic and scientific approach in transforming our own lives, as well as the lives of our clients. We are eager to hear your story and help you change the way you feel today!

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We analyze posture, gait, and biomechanics to develop a customized routine of stretches and exercises to address your needs. The plan we design for you will prevent and/or eliminate pain for good. No matter what your history of surgery, injury, or compensation, you can start to feel better right away!

Please note that appointment times, availability and prices may vary.